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Time machine

Issue 92, Summer 2016


Each summer since 1973, artist Tom Phillips has taken photos of the same twenty places in his…

Sound, code, image

Issue 26, Autumn 1997


Postwar composers, such as Cage, Cardew and Crumb, have left an exuberant legacy of seductive…

A Humument

Issue 18, Autumn 1995


Tom Phillips’s treated novel is a key text in the short history of deconstruction and experimental…

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Bubbles black as ink

10 April 2017

For the past 28 years, Barrie Tullett has been making a typographic Dante, a project to illustrate all 100 Cantos of the Divine Comedy with letterpress, typewriters and Letraset. He is still in Purgatory … and on show in Dublin.
Appropriately enough, my love affair with typography began with a Lonely Hearts Ad, writes Barrie Tullett.

Sonic treasure chest

3 October 2013

Graphic scores go on the road – played by an alchemical, avant-garde supergroup of musicians prepared to turn line, type and image into sound
This month, an ensemble of five extraordinary musicians takes to the road to perform graphic scores (see ‘Sound code image’ in Eye 26).

Fashionable chaps

1 October 2012

Postcards in the Bodleian’s book Menswear permit us to gaze at fashionable males of another era, decked out in smart suits and sportswear.
A remarkable collection of besuited individuals turned up to Huntsman, a gentleman's tailor in Savile Row, for the launch of Menswear.